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I am a self-taught digital artist. I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil and have rarely wanted to put it down.  My grandfather was a painter and my grandmother was very crafty, both big inspirations in my life.  I am naturally a creative person in more than just art and I feel their influence really nurtured that part of me. My daughter is also a big inspiration for me as well.  She has also chosen art in her life, and we often sketch together while we hang out.  It is truly amazing how this has helped further my skills and inspires me so very much. 

 I love to draw and doodle, and I still use a traditional sketchbook to to my drawings.  I have a wonderful Wacom tablet, but I feel a bit disconnected from what I'm drawing unless its on paper I can carry with me.  Putting the pencil to the physical paper really just makes it feel like I can get it out of my head.  For coloring, however, I feel it is opposite. I really feel like digital coloring is the way to go for my work. I love the range of colors I can get, and I feel it makes my work really pop to where I want it to get to. I am very inspired by manga and anime and used to describe my work as such, but over time my style has evolved quite a bit and I feel like I should not slot my work into this one category anymore as I feel it is no longer soley representative.

I currently I reside in Tennessee. Life is busy, but I am most often doing my artwork and focusing my energy towards my next idea. I often draw and digitally color my work to music. I love listening to music while drawing. Something about music really opens my mind to more ideas and puts me in a nice relaxed state while I draw.

Some questions I receive regularly:

Aside from your website, can I find you anywhere else?

Most definitely! Here are a couple places I frequent:

Facebook:  Anime Art by Chrissy Clark Fan Page
Deviant art: http://clrkrex.deviantart.com

What program do you use?

My program of choice is Clip Studio Paint.  I used to use Microsoft Expression Design but at this time Microsoft has chosen to not update this program anynmore. I used Expression Design for years and it has not disappointed me.  Clip Studio Paint is a very similar program but with raster capabilities as well as vector, which is why I chose it.  I feel the tools in this program are many with so many customizeable interesting options. As much as I miss my old program, I feel this new one will actually push my work further.  I am excited about this new program.

Do you take fan arts, mail, or photos?

I LOVE to receive mail, art, and photos! I have spoken with many who have been too shy to show it to me, but please do!  I have a whole section of my site dedicated to it so don't be shy! I always answer my fan mail personally, and I do not care what skill level in drawing you are or anything like that, I would love to see it.  I often receive mail asking for critiques of personal work and I really think it is a very helpful process in developing your own work.  If you would like to show me something you can send it to artist@chrissyclark.com.



































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